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Salesforce Platform App Builder Transition Exam

This article is for those who are already proud holders of any (both) of 2 former salesforce “developer” certifications – Salesforce Certified Force.com Developer and Salesforce Certified Force.com Advanced Developer. If you are holder, you should already received email from salesforce. Both credentials will begin retiring in July of 2017 and will end in March 30, 2018. That’s because you have to take Platform App Builder Transition Exam

Whole process of retirement is dependent on your maintenance exam fee. Because every certified professional has different roadmap of his certifications and everybody paid for maintenance exam in different release date, Salesforce came up with great idea how to resolve different user stories. It is based on your last payment and registration for maintenance exam. They defined when you have to take your Platform App Builder Transition Exam and also when you will lose your old certification Force.com Developer Certifications. Best for whole understanding is image below, but it is related only to Force.com Developer and NOT to Force.com Advanced Developer.

Force.com Developer Expiration Timeline

My Case

Because I am still  Salesforce Certified Force.com Developer (Certificate label DEV401) and I paid my last fee for maintenance exam in Summer’16, according to table above, my last possible maintenance exam was Winter ’17 Release Exam what I already took and passed. Now when I am writing this article, it is Spring’17 and I could not take then any other maintenance exam related to Force.com Developer Certification. Although I had time to take Salesforce Platform App Builder – Transition Exam anytime until March 30, 2018 I already did it and passed it, yeah! Why should I or you wait? I want to be up to date with my certifications. Now I have both certifications, former Force.com Developer and new App Builder and that is because how Salesforce set it up.

Force.com Developer to Platform App Builder


Difference between Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam and Salesforce Platform App Builder Transition Exam

Biggest difference is of course is number of questions. Transition exam has only 20 questions and with pass score just 65% it is only 13 questions what you need to have correct.  (Standard App Builder exam has although 63% pass score but with 60 questions it is at least 38 correct answers.) Second difference is time for transition exam, it is only 30 minutes unlike to standard app builder certification it is 90 minutes (but it is still 90 seconds for 1 question).

My study materials

Every time when I am preparing myself for certification I firstly check all standard informations:

  1. Certification Site
  2. Platform App Builder PDF Guide
  3. Certification Journey E-Book
    • here on pages 9-10 are some links for studying, below you can see most important of them below.
  4. Salesforce Ben – of course I checked Ben’s blog as well


Last words

If you are familiar with Salesforce at least a little bit and If you passed Force.com Developer with your true knowledge and because you downloaded some dumps from internet, you should have pass this transition exam as well. I just checked resources from Certification Journey E-Book and I passed it at first attempt. As you can see, recommended experience is just 3-6 months. So hurry up!

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This is great information Mike. Thank you for sharing this.

My process of preparing for any Salesforce Certificate Exam is quite similar to yours.
I will giving out App Builder Transition during this month, it’s high time now 🙂

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