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Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant Exam

Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant

After I took my Platform App Builder Transition Exam as you could read on my article here, I decided to take another exam and I will try to become the Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant. It looked like pretty easy, just 57% pass score and what is can be easier than working with components within community builder, right ? Than I started checking all materials mentioned in guide, in partner communities, on other blogs and I found that coin has two sides.

Materials & Guides

  1. Certification Guide
  2. Certification Journey E-Book
  3. Community Cloud on Trailhead
  4. Salesforce Ben – Community Cloud Tips
  5. Salesforce Communities Overview – Help & Support
  6. Set Up and Manage Salesforce Communities – this one I consider as most important !!!
  7. Partner Community chatter group: Official: Community Cloud Partners
  8. Success Community chatter group: Community Implementation
  9. Salesforce Spring ’17 Release Notes because in June it was after Spring’17 release and a lot of things changed.

My impressions?

In last 2 releases (Winter’17 and Spring’17) and in next release Summer’17 community cloud is going to be completely changed because Napili Template is more and more enhanced with Salesforce Core Developers. I though that all questions will be related to Napili template and to all things what changed in communities in Spring’17. But I was wrong! Community Cloud Exam has still many standard questions, for example:

  • how to give customer moderation rights to delete post and files in communities,
  • how to prevent customer to create duplicated community account within self-registration page,
  • way how to select SSO for customer coming from portals to communities,
  • how to create and register custom domains and certificates,
  • which integration tool will best fit integration between salesforce and share-point if you would like to share documents with customer,
  • and again limits! how many unauthorized page visits can have force.com sites.

Here are also some points what you should know before you will register for a exam:

  • Super User and everything about it!
  • Delegated External User Administrator
  • Community Moderator (can be internal user or community customer)
  • Lightning Partner Management Solution
  • Reporting for community users
  • Topics and subtopics – how to activated them
  • Article visibility for specific community users

Last words?

If you have not implemented any communities this exam can be tough for you. But it was tough for me even I worked with huge communities with more than 60 000 community users. Sometimes it is really hard to remember every position of checkbox where I can activate a specific feature. So best way how to learn it is create communities in sandbox and keep trying.

Community Cloud Recommendation
Community Cloud Recommendation


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